Bespoke fashion: How today’s stylish gents are standing out from the crowd


In the ever-expanding world of men’s wear, the style-conscious man has more to choose from than ever before. For those with exacting tastes and a discerning eye for quality, however, finding just the right piece with just the right fit and just the right details can be a challenge. So what’s a sophisticated fellow who wants to stand out from the crowd to do? The answer for a new generation of gents is, increasingly, bespoke. Not to be confused with custom or made-to-measure, the classification denotes something handmade from the ground up: a one-of-a-kind piece created to the exact specifications of a single customer. These wearable works of art are neither quickly produced nor cheaply purchased, but, as Jeremy Freed learns surveying bespoke offerings from around the world, they are truly the height of luxury.


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