Lucky Peach's Chris Ying Thinks Restaurants Need to Charge More

Food is hot these days. Social media’s favourite currency is the plate shot, TV is awash in high-quality food porn, and you’re not really a successful musician unless you’ve got your own restaurant or brand of artisanal water. What a time to be alive, indeed — especially if you’re hungry.

If foodie-ism has a journal of record it’s Lucky Peach, the publishing arm of Momofuku chef David Chang’s growing business empire, whose regular contributors include Anthony Bourdain and Aziz Ansari. This month, Lucky Peach drops The Wurst of Lucky Peach (Penguin Random House)a book dedicated to the sausage in all its surprising variations, from the classic Chicago-style hot dog to Vietnamese banana leaf-steamed cha lua). It’s the first in a series of single-subject food books designed, in the words of editor Chris Ying, to be “read in the bathroom just as easily as in the kitchen.”

That statement conveniently sums up both the book’s diverse contents (travel writing, anecdotes, recipes from a fictional Las Vegas hotel called “Wiener Palace”) and Chris Ying’s sense of humour. We sat down at Momofuku in Toronto to talk restaurants, food fads and, of course, sausage.

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